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As a multimedia designer and artist, I'm always interested in opportunities to create cool illustrations and web page graphics and continue to exercise or grow upon my working knowledge of industry current software and web practices with a particular emphasis on illustration. In that regard, San Antonio artist, designers, developers are welcome to contact me.


My current position engages my skills as an illustrator, a graphics & web designer, a web developer (SEO included), and a marketing specialist.

My primary function, maintaining and developing the company e-commerce web site and its content, often gives way to additional responsibilities of managing the production of large format vinyl graphics and banners, creating e-mail marketing messages using iContact to keep subscribers aware of current promotions; designing large-scale convention displays and promotional product designs for T-shirts, pens, caps, car wraps, etc.; and producing company's internal business documentation, (i.e., cards, stationery letterhead materials, dynamic businesss forms, etc.. ).

Past Work Experience

The majority of my background is in the print industry, where skills as an illustrator, graphics and web designer ARE A MUST!

My past work includes the production of newspapers, testing booklets, comic books, CD packages, legal documents, brochures, booklets, business cards, flyers, packaging, character design, photo restoration, etc.

During my time in the print industry, I have received seven Texas Community Newspaper Association Awards (three 1st place, three 2nd place, and one 3rd place) for advertising design, composition and use of color.

I dabble musically,click here for music composed with garage band . skip over to my Pandora profile and listen to the music I like on the Pandora stations I've set up!

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