Gamez Law Lincoln MarkLT Truck Wrap


After a bit of a holding pattern, this truck wrap design finally got the green light for production! Gamez Law Firm in San Antonio, Texas made a smart move, turning a Lincoln Mark LT into an advertisement asset that literally increases traffic just by being out there!

This is the second for Gamez Law and its pretty darn cool that taking a different approach in a design is an option. Click here for the previous Gamez Law truck design.

Parked or on the road, be sure to take note … not only is this a Texas Tough Lawyer, but the quality of the design and wrap installation are top notch! I don’t mind saying that I had my hands in the wrap installation process as well. Being part of that process is priceless when you consider all in all. Still, it’ll be a minute until I can  squeegee like my installer Daniel! Great job, my man!

This truck wrap design turned out to be one of my faves. It’s a relief to have a client who understands that the idea of a vehicle wrap is similar to a business card: it should have a solid design and relay the important information …. It’s also nice to have a client who opted for a true full wrap and got the roof done. Take a look!

If you’re searching for a decent price with top-notch design and installation—or at least a decent quote for a car wrap in San Antonio—please contact me.

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