2015 River City Festival 5k Run/Walk T-Shirt Design

Maty gator and his catfish friend wearing running shoes for the 2015 River City Festival 5K Run/WalkThis t-shirt design for the 2015 River City Festival 5K Run/Walk had a little of everything…including a tight turnaround time. ┬áSo in a matter of two days…which is not a lot of time when you’re a freelance designer/illustrator and actually have multiple projects going on at once, AND you have a wife an toddler to love and watch after.

So for this one I managed to get the sketch approved with no revision, and was able to get the 5-color design approved on the first go. I love it when a t-shirt design comes together like that. I wish they could all go by so easily.

My favorite part is where there are only 5 colors but it looks like way more. Some guy named Joe turned my attention to doing that…but ya have to have a good screen printer pressing it…which I do…HI LISA!

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