Luxor Learning Academy Daycare Window Graphics

Luxor Learning Academy Custom Daycare Window GraphicsHey kids, here is the latest in daycare window graphics brought to you by the letters, F, U, and N! This’ll be 9 ‘x 6’ after its installed onto the Luxor Learning Academy facade. Working with Luxor Learning Academy on the process of creating custom daycare window graphics was just about as ideal as it can get and I hope we can work together again…after all the did put me on their dream-team for the next project!

On a side note, perforated window graphics are a great way to cut down on the heat, even in direct  sunlight. So they are literally cooler for have awesome window graphics from /

I’m shooting for every job to go along as smoothly as this one did! Ill post up the installed pic later. Click here for more custom daycare window art.

2015 River City Festival 5k Run/Walk T-Shirt Design

Maty gator and his catfish friend wearing running shoes for the 2015 River City Festival 5K Run/WalkThis t-shirt design for the 2015 River City Festival 5K Run/Walk had a little of everything…including a tight turnaround time.  So in a matter of two days…which is not a lot of time when you’re a freelance designer/illustrator and actually have multiple projects going on at once, AND you have a wife an toddler to love and watch after.

So for this one I managed to get the sketch approved with no revision, and was able to get the 5-color design approved on the first go. I love it when a t-shirt design comes together like that. I wish they could all go by so easily.

My favorite part is where there are only 5 colors but it looks like way more. Some guy named Joe turned my attention to doing that…but ya have to have a good screen printer pressing it…which I do…HI LISA!

Gamez Law Lincoln MarkLT Truck Wrap



After a bit of a holding pattern, this truck wrap design finally got the green light for production! Gamez Law Firm in San Antonio, Texas made a smart move, turning a Lincoln Mark LT into an advertisement asset that literally increases traffic just by being out there!

This is the second for Gamez Law and its pretty darn cool that taking a different approach in a design is an option. Click here for the previous Gamez Law truck design.

Parked or on the road, be sure to take note … not only is this a Texas Tough Lawyer, but the quality of the design and wrap installation are top notch! I don’t mind saying that I had my hands in the wrap installation process as well. Being part of that process is priceless when you consider all in all. Still, it’ll be a minute until I can  squeegee like my installer Daniel! Great job, my man!

This truck wrap design turned out to be one of my faves. It’s a relief to have a client who understands that the idea of a vehicle wrap is similar to a business card: it should have a solid design and relay the important information …. It’s also nice to have a client who opted for a true full wrap and got the roof done. Take a look!

If you’re searching for a decent price with top-notch design and installation—or at least a decent quote for a car wrap in San Antonio—please contact me.

Bust a Move Softball T-Shirt Artwork


Black and White Softball Design
Colored Softball Design

Softball T-Shirt Designs

The fun doesn’t stop there! In between all the car wraps and web work, I have the occasional opportunity to whip out some softball t-shirt artwork. Always fun.


bust A Move Boys softball tshirt design
Boys 5-Color SoftBall T-Shirt Print
bust A Move Girl softball t shirt artwork
Girls 6-Color SoftBall T-Shirt Print

Looking for more than the standard clip art for your softball team’s t-shirt artwork?!

As an artist, creating original designs is a great way to keep your insides stirring. So when Lisa Wheless, a screen printer in Mansfield Louisiana, asked for a 5-color design of a softball wearing shades being hit with a bat, I gave her this design.

We did a little shuffling on colors when the customer asked for a switch up for male and female shirts, but in the end it was not no problem to deliver a design that lent itself to some color switching!

The colors ended up looking pretty sharp on the black shirts, and according to Lisa, folks are very happy and her phone is a’ringing. And that folks, is what it is all about!

So if you are in the 71052 area, and you are looking for a great artwork and great t-shirt prints, give Lisa a shout at 318-872-5301. And of course if you need anything from, just email!

If you like what you see leave a comment and like my facebook page!


Lines and Colors: Photoshop Coloring Fun!

Photoshop comic colors

I guess the going rate for flats is $15. I’ll have to test out just how more productive I can be if I hire someone to get some flats done for me. Continue reading “Lines and Colors: Photoshop Coloring Fun!”

Unlimited Styles Van Half Wrap

Literally, half-wrap…

This wrap goes to show that an over zealous sales person’s word to a customer that, “a wrap can be designed and installed in under a week” is only as good as the designer (moi) and installers actually that do the work.

This one was a rush and there was no chance to measure even twice. Just, design the logo and wrap graphics, get measurements, order materials, trouble shoot printer issues, print vinyl, laminate it, trim it, and schedule a last-minute installation within a matter of days. Not ideal but doable.

Luckily my initial measurements were pretty spot on and  there were ZERO issues during installation. That’s my kinda wrap!

Unlimited Styles came in for a new logo and a design for a pair of car magnets and left with a half wrap on their Chrysler Van. They were a little pensive about their investment, but were totally happy with the end product. Hopefully we see them back soon to do the other half of their van wrap!

Check out the production and installation gallery here!



UltraInsight Volkswagen Beetle Car Wrap

UltraInsight Vehicle Wrap

They say VW Beetles are one of the hardest vehicles to wrap on. Who are they? Other designers, several installers, and even folks with passive involvement in the vinyl graphics area…All I can say to that is measure everything – even if you don’t think you won’t need it, measure it!

Kiesha, owner of the UltraInsight 3D/4d Ultrasound Studio, was the ideal customer. She didn’t go overboard with design and color revisions, she was able to provide the higher-resolution imagery that’s needed for large format printing, and most importantly, she was patient and kept a great attitude while waiting an additional week when I was out on paternity leave to have her design finalized for approval.

San Antonio UltraSound Studio

Her kind of attitude relieves a lot of the pressure involved in any project, and believe me when I say I was a more than a little concerned about how the final design and how it’s dimensions would sit on the contour of the VW Beetle – especially when everyone else is sucking air thru their teeth on how difficult Beetle wraps are.

In the end, this wrap was pretty darn close to being spot on! PHEW!!! Before our installer came in we set the panels on the car with magnets, following the contours of the Beetle, and it fit like a glove. Its always a relief to have one less issue breathing down my neck.

San Antonio Car Wraps

Once one of our premiere installers, John Bebe, got his hands on the vinyl and installed the first panels, I was able to breath easy. My design was accurate, the panels were all printed and laminated, and we had enough time to install. With breathing room, the right attitude and capable hands, you end up with a brand new look!

Gamez Law Firm Truck Wrap

What’s it they say, “measure twice cut once…“? When you design a car wrap, truck wrap, or any vehicle wrap for that matter – measure 5 times because I’ve never, EVER, used a template that was spot on. They always be off by an inch or two at the least here and there. TEMPLATE!!! WHY YOU NO ACCURATE!!!????

This wrap for the Gamez Law Firm was a good example of incorrect industry wrap templates.  But because I’m sharp like that, I re-measured, panel for panel, and set up the art that I created from scratch correct for print.

Thank to Daniel Olivarez, Big Star Branding’s primary contract installer, who makes installation look like a piece of cake.

Max Muscle Vehicle Wrap

Land Rover WrapThe next trend in business promotion and advertising in the streets is getting your Car Wrapped. You own it, so why not, right!? This Land Rover LR3 belongs to a fella named Andy who is bringing the Max Muscle nutrition line to San Antonio.

Andy came in with a good idea of what he wanted — a black matte finish with his Max Muscle logo really prominent  with some shades of grey in the background.  He sat down with our designer for a couple of hours to help Max Muscle Land Rover Wrap.

Continue reading “Max Muscle Vehicle Wrap”